The Achievements Of Entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt

Ever since he was very young, Sawyer Howitt has always had a very keen ability when it comes understanding the operational and financial needs of a business. Having born from a family of successful entrepreneurs, he has no choice but to venture in the same field. He has been working at the Meriwether Group where he has been a very resourceful person and contributed significantly to the growth of the company. Sawyer Howitt has the ability to connect with customers effectively and appreciates the unique soul of any particular brand. He has already earned a reputation as a skilled and reliable young man, capable of undertaking any task.

While at Meriwether Group, a company founded by his father, Sawyer Howitt completes complex spreadsheets and also takes notes when attending key meetings of the company. Apart from working at the family company, Sawyer Howitt is also a student who is in his second semester in Lincoln High School. All his studies are focused on financial and business success and internships. He became the Project manager at Meriwether Group in 2007 and has ever since been working extra hard to implement the company’s strategic plans. He works with many different projects as continues to change the manner in which commerce will operate in the days to come. Sawyer Howitt also hopes to change business development so as to adapt with the ever changing technology.

Apart from being involved in business, Sawyer Howitt is also an active Philanthropist. He is committed to giving back to the community despite being young. He champions for the mentorship of the youth and also fights for women’s rights. Sawyer is also part of an active ethnic and international study group where he serves as the leader. He has managed to create an exemplary work plan that combines customer service, finances and business. He hopes to further his studies and will soon graduate from the University of California, Berkeley. Sawyer Howitt aspires to be one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in the United Sates. He has planned to study Entrepreneurial Finance Degree Program while in the university. Sawyer serves as a role model to many young people and challenges the notion that success is only for the aged individuals. He has been described as hard working, disciplined, passionate and committed to his goals.