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  • Norman Pattiz Unveils a New Paranormal Podcast on his PodcastOne’s Subsidiary, Jericho Network Program

    Norman Pattiz, the founder and principal chairperson of PodcastOne, has publicly confirmed that the new podcast called Beyond the Darkness will delve into the world of paranormal. The new podcast will feature on the Chis Jericho’s Podcast Network. The show will comprise of entertaining and educative conversations with internationally celebrated researchers, disputing everything fans think […]

  • Securus Technologies Amends GTL’s Inaccuracies

    Securus Technologies recently made a press release that corrected information made by GTL. Securus Technologies insisted that GTL has made lots of errors and inaccurate statements in its press release. Securus determine to correct all the issues. It strived to find clarification on the statements. One of the first allegations made by GTL was that […]

  • Doe Deere Loves What She Does

    Some people are lucky in life. They get to do what they love. Such is the case with business woman Doe Deere. Deere has made her entire life her world of makeup. Starting out with a single idea, she has turned that idea into something that is concrete and impressive. Her work in recent decades […]

  • Magnises

    Are you between the ages of 21 and 35, young and hip? Maybe you have a decent paying job, but it will still be years before you can get a prestigious credit card? Want to meet others in your city with like ideas? If you are currently living in New York City, Washington D.C. Boston […]

  • Cone Marshall Polices the New Zealand’s Foreign Trusts

    Par Nell said that Cone Marshall is a law firm headed by two prominent lawyers Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone. This New Zealand-based firm is a heavyweight when it comes to global tax planning and trust laws. Geoffrey Cone founded Cone Marshall in 1999, and its headquarters is in Auckland, New Zealand. Principal Karen Marshall […]

  • Omar Boraie Has Helped Revitalize New Brunswick

    Omar Boraie is a successful developer of real estate who has a company based in New Brunswick. Over the course of his career, Omar has helped transform New Brunswick into a thriving small city. Boraie has completed a number of commercial and residential development projects that have enabled New Brunswick to prosper over the past […]