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  • Cone Marshall Polices the New Zealand’s Foreign Trusts

    Par Nell said that Cone Marshall is a law firm headed by two prominent lawyers Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone. This New Zealand-based firm is a heavyweight when it comes to global tax planning and trust laws. Geoffrey Cone founded Cone Marshall in 1999, and its headquarters is in Auckland, New Zealand. Principal Karen Marshall […]

  • Omar Boraie Has Helped Revitalize New Brunswick

    Omar Boraie is a successful developer of real estate who has a company based in New Brunswick. Over the course of his career, Omar has helped transform New Brunswick into a thriving small city. Boraie has completed a number of commercial and residential development projects that have enabled New Brunswick to prosper over the past […]

  • NFL Betting For The True Fans

    NFL betting is something that a lot of individuals do in their spare time. There are a lot of individuals that do more than just in their spare time. They do it throughout the entire NFL season and they are completely dedicated to it. It takes a certain type of person to do it, however. […]

  • Talented Singer Norka Luque is Much More

    The very talented Norka Luque, from Venezuela, has many secrets that she hides from people. These secrets are talents that she has that very few know about. While they are not necessarily the bad kind of secrets, they are somethings that she keeps under wraps to ensure that she is taken seriously as a singer. […]

  • The Life and Philanthropic Work of Dick DeVos

    Dick DeVos is a well-known philanthropist who looks for and utilizes innovative solutions to end social problems. Dick has been committed for many years to helping others together with her wife, Betsy. Interestingly, a visit to the Potter’s House Christian School touched DeVos, who by then had school-going children. On observing how parents struggled to […]