Doe Deere Loves What She Does

Some people are lucky in life. They get to do what they love. Such is the case with business woman Doe Deere. Deere has made her entire life her world of makeup. Starting out with a single idea, she has turned that idea into something that is concrete and impressive. Her work in recent decades has been all about showing others how they can use the world of makeup to their own ends. She has been able to take what she loves doing and transform it into a company. Her work with Lime Crime, her company, is one that is all about showing others how they can recreate the looks she has so they can have a modern and contemporary look. As someone who prides herself on being herself at all times, she has worked hard to show others how they can also be themselves via their own makeup choices.


An Interview


In a recent interview, she talks about the world that she has helped create. In this highly candid and revealing interview, Deere talks about what motivates her to do what she does in her life. She talks to her many fans about the ideas behind her concepts and how she has worked hard to make them come to life. Her interview here helps reveal the woman behind the company. In here, she talks honestly about the world she knows and loves so well. Here, her fans can see what it is that cares about each and why that caring is translated into something she can share with others. She has learned a great deal in her years as someone at the helm of a company, allowing her to understand the world around her and how she she can be a better business person for her many fans.


Moving Forward


As she reflects on the choices she’s realizes that she has much to continue to offer her clients. She sees that she needs to work even harder to take Lime Crime to the next level and create something that her clients will love even more. It is this passion that helps fuel what she does in her life. It is also this passion that helps her show others how they follow in her footsteps. She works with her many staffers in order to show them her vision. In doing so, she and her fellow company executives have continued to tap into a new market for those who are looking for special makeup products of all kinds.

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