Doe Deere: Building a Successful Cosmetics Brand

Doe Deere is one of the most admired influencers in the beauty and makeup industry. The Russian-born CEO and founder of a cosmetics company known as Lime Crime, is also known for her love for color. She moved to New York City when she was still young, and that is where she was raised.

While growing up, Doe Deere was not your average teenager. She may be a makeup and beauty guru at the moment, but she was not fascinated with makeup when she was growing up. However, what still lives on is her love for entrepreneurship. Since she was young, Doe has always loved earning her own money. This is what prompted her to start her own business on eBay.

Doe’s eBay business was an online shop where she sold clothes. While business was doing well, she found that she always found it difficult finding the right color of makeup to model her clothes. Doe loves colorful makeup by nature. The idea to come up with her own makeup line stemmed from the necessity to find the perfect match.

Lime Crime

Lime Crime, Doe Deere’s cosmetics company, was founded in 2008. Since then, it has grown into a renowned line of cosmetics. The company is mostly known for introducing the famous matte trend into the beauty industry. Their lipsticks and other beauty products also come in a variety of colors.

When asked about how she brings ideas to life, Doe explains that she gives her ideas time to grow like children. She also attributes her success to her team of professionals who help her work hard. For instance, before putting up any product on the shelf, she- and her team-will try them first.

One of the values which Doe holds dear is that of listening to others. She makes it a point to lend a listening ear, not only to her employees, but also her customers. She has also learnt that opening up one’s mind can help in learning something new. Another thing which makes Doe Deere successful in turning her ideas into life is her intuition. She has accepted her weirdness, and that is what has led her to create a renowned brand for herself.

When she is not working on her next product, Doe loves to spend time at home. She also has a morning routine that she sticks to everyday. Learn more: