Tech Entrepreneur Jason Hope Is Always Looking Toward A Bright Future

Internet and tech entrepreneur Jason Hope has had a long and illustrious career. After graduating from Arizona State University, he founded his first tech firm, Jawa, in the early 2000s. He grew Jawa into one of the country’s premier providers of premium mobile content within a few short years. In an era before iPhones, when many people still didn’t even have cell phones, Mr. Hope saw the possibilities for delivering on-demand content directly to the cellular devices of anyone who wanted it, no matter where in the world they were. In this, he presaged a multi-billion dollar industry that would come to dominate the tech sector, the advent of mobile applications.

The child is father of the man

Mr. Hope had always been interested in the possibilities that future technologies could unlock for people to live better lives. As a young man, he was an avid reader of magazines such as Popular Science, Nature and Wired. He was almost addicted to staying abreast of the latest directions in which technological innovation was heading. He knew that he wanted to be an innovator and driver of new paradigms in technology.

After his initial success with Jawa, Mr. Hope moved into a series of other ventures including commercial software development, search engine optimization firms, or SEO for short, and development of a series of mobile device applications for business professionals. While he has enjoyed success in all these areas, today, he is focused in writing about and bringing to fruition projects in what he sees as the dominant force of the next 100 years, the Internet of Things.

Hope has been spending his time lately writing for a variety of tech magazines and as a guest blogger raising public awareness about the myriad ways in which the Internet of Things is poised to dramatically shift the fundamental ways in which people interact with their world.

Hope believes the widespread adoption of smart appliances, mechanical devices and even hardware fixtures will usher in an age of unprecedented productivity and leisure, finally bringing to fruition the much anticipated 15 hour work week that was the unrealized promise of the industrial revolution.

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