George Soros: The Money is Behind the Power

George Soros is a powerful political figure who has impacted the world through his vast fortune. He is considered one of the top 30 richest people on Earth. His massive fortune is so immense that it has given him the ability to influence politics in some of the key nations on Earth.

Soros is an American citizen with dual citizenship status in Hungary. This astute businessman has been around for close to a century. He is now close to 100 years old but has amassed his fortune back in the 90s. Soros’s wealth allowed him to gain a powerful foothold on the world in terms of politics. He has a lot influence because his money has given him this advantage.

In an online interview with Discover the Networks a leftist political guide, Soros revealed that money makes the world go round. The self-made billionaire stated that he understood this reality at an early age and has been working hard ever since to amass a fortune. Now that he has it, he is using it to push the agenda of the left.

Liberalism is the political view of George Soros. As a matter of fact, he known for his leftist outlook in politics. He also supports many liberal and leftist organizations. Soros does not necessarily stand behind or agree with every organization that aligns itself with the left.

However, he realizes that many of these organizations are important to the overall cause of liberalism. Sometimes he supports these organizations to help keep government in check and more importantly to keep societies open and free. An open society is important to Soros. He believes that all nations on the Earth should be open. These beliefs developed when Soros was a young teen in Hungary during Nazi rule. Soros’s family barely escaped the concentration camps.

The experience of living under Hitler’s rule is what started to influence Soros’s drive for having open societies. He never wanted another person like Hitler (or the Nazi government) to come to power again. This is why Soros’s Open Society Foundation is so important to him and to the world. He uses this organization to purposely support liberal organizations that support open societies which are free from government restrictions and tyrants. Read his profile at Forbes.

Soros’s has been hard at work in the area of politics since 2000. He has since then retired from his business endeavors and has turned his attention primarily onto politics. Since 2012, Soros has been really pushing hard into the political arena. He has impacted the politics of the U.S., E.U., U.K., China and even his home country of Hungary.

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As of April 2017, the Hungarian government is planning on shutting down Soros’s Central European University. Soros and millions of Hungarian people are fighting hard to keep it open. Soros is a man who is committed to the cause of freedom and wants to help keep governments in check. He knows that his influence wouldn’t be possible without the money to back up his beliefs.

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