The growing legal system in Brazil seen through Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali is one of the influential lawmakers present in Brazil. Having acquired a degree in Administrative Law, he has grown to specialise in many fields such as administrative law, regulatory law, ethics and urban law among others. Through his knowledge, he had the opportunity to work with many law firms which gave him experience. His passion for ensuring justice prevail has made him grow to be a reputable lawyer.

Bruno Fagali uses a different strategy to ensure that the mobilisation for justice is effective. He organises for integrity and transparency campaigns which involve the public. Moreover, he is known for his great works which have led to the change of the legal system in Brazil. He purposes to bring change to the law and earnestly serve the people as a way of giving back and bringing change to the society.

The start of Fagali Law Firm created an opening to do more legal action. Due to his good works and the assistance to ensure justice prevails has led him to acquire many contracts especially with the public. These contracts have paved the way for his firm in the market. Therefore, the public trusts Bruno together with his organisation.

Fagali Advocacy is known to help many people as well as organisations to solve legal issues. The team he works with are also specialised in different fields of law which makes it easy to assists corporate settle. The firm is known for corporate integrity making more corporate organisation rely on the law firm.

Previously, there were legal problems I the country mainly due to the dubious legal system and the presence of many lawmakers who were corrupt. Therefore, people lost their trust in the government to assist them. It selected Bruno as their advertising agent for him to act as the mediator. The activity purposed to increase transparency in the government decisions related to law. Moreover, the agent was the mediator to help the government understand the needs of the public and know their interests. Therefore, the strategy benefited both parties as they all got satisfied.

The urge to change the legal system to better made Bruno benefit the society and improve the system in a great dimension. He uses the opportunity of a great relationship with the public to assist them more. Therefore, he has created an online venture where people display their issues and get assisted. It is a platform where discussions occur concerning the law.

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Jeremy Goldstein helping New Yorkers with their legal concerns

While living in New York, you can find yourself in need of legal help. The New York State Bar Association can provide lawyers who can handle any type of legal matter including crime, child custody battle, personal related, landlord-tenant issue or any other legal matter you may face. Thanks to the New York State Bar Association, residents of New York have a quick and simple way of finding legal support within their own community and have the experience needed to handle any legal concern.


The New York State Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service has launched a new online portal for those in New York who are in need of a lawyer. The New York State Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service is providing this service completely confidential and has made it open 24 hours a day. Those living in New York can still use the LRIS phone service. The Lawyer Referral and Information Service was designed to provide a stress-reduced way of finding legal assistance in New York.


The attorneys provided through this service have been properly vetted and credentialed by The New York State Bar Association. The new online portal was developed by the New York State Bar Association in conjunction with, which is a leading provider of referral management tools for those in the legal field. With this new service, lawyers can provide their services to much more people, while also lowering their costs. The New York State Bar Association is the nation’s largest bar association and was created in 1876. The New York State Bar Association has been working with clients for more than thirty years.


One of the top lawyers using this service is Jeremy Goldstein. He launched his own firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates , which advises on key issues such as executive compensation and corporate governance related concerns. Prior to that, Jeremy Goldstein was a partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz. Jeremy Goldstein has been involved with dozens of corporate transactions of the last 10 years including the purchase of Goodrich by United Technologies.


Jeremy Goldstein obtained his J.D. from NYU law school. Jeremy Goldstein earned his bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and then went to the University of Chicago to receive his Master’s Degree. He is currently speaking and writing on topics including corporate governance and executive compensation. He has become one of the country’s top executive compensation lawyers.


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Jeremy Goldstein and Inc. Develop a Life-Saving Lawyer Finding Web Application

Jeremy Goldstein is believed to be one of the key architects of the recently launched web-based application, for years, people have complained about the stresses and frustrations they went through trying to get in touch with a top-rated attorney with all the right attributes. In 2017, it’s practically impossible for any businessman or professional to live without having a lawyer on their payroll. Issues which bring you into loggerheads with the law are many-a-times, inevitable. The best chances you have of beating the charges are when you have a reliable, certified, and experienced attorney. Thanks to the easy-to-use and convenient application pioneered by not only James Goldstein but also by the Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) and the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA).


Save Money & Time


The application’s core processes get powered by the tech company, Legal.Io and this is what the CEO, Tony Lai had to say about their product. He termed it as ‘revolutionary’ and he went ahead to encourage all the consumers, not just in New York, but all over the world as well, to get on board this money-saving and most importantly, transparent, innovation. The app would not have been possible without the valuable input of the NYSBA. This prestigious organization had chipped in with information details of all the lawyers in the state and in the nation as well.


Vast Database


The database of the app is filled with all the reputable and upcoming legal firms listed in the city. To get in touch with a lawyer, you are going to fill in a confidential form. This form requests to know the particulars defining your case and that’s just about it. The data is fed into the system and a match is found almost instantaneously. Go to their official website, and give the customer care a call to find out more.


Jeremy Goldstein’s Background


Jeremy Goldstein is the lawyer you want representing you before a judge when you’ve gotten a raw deal with your salaries expectations. Jeremy Goldstein specializes in negotiating the salaries and the bonuses of top business executives of big conglomerates which get taken over, apart from in M&A’s. Jeremy Goldstein studied law at the universities of NY in Buffalo, the University of Chicago and did his undergraduate at Cornell University in the mid-nineties. Jeremy’s a regular contributor to the prestigious Harvard Law Review.


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