Curbing Cell Phone Crimes Through Wireless Containment Systems From Securus Technologies

Contraband cell phones are mysteriously getting their way to many correctional facilities in the country today. In as much as the security system is tight, several of these gadgets slip through them into these institutions illegally. Why would an inmate need a cell phone behind bars? Well, many people claim that they love to stay in touch with their families, friends, and also the outside world. This may be a viable reason, but what of the prison landlines? Aren’t they installed for this purpose? Yes! There must be ulterior motives for which the inmates need to have access to cell phones while in these correctional facilities. Luckily, Securus Technologies has developed wireless containment systems that have curbed the contraband cellphones in prisons.


Robert Johnson and Cellphone Crimes


When you talk of cellphones arranged crimes, Robert Johnson pops in mind. I bet you have heard of the misfortunes that begot the correctional officer in South Carolina. After having served for 15 years at the Lee Correctional Institution, a tragedy whose effects are still felt to date befell Robert Johnson. He was a diligent correctional officer tasked with fighting contraband in the institution. This was an area he was highly conversant in over his 15-year tenure.


Unfortunately, he became the ill-fated target of the crime he was so determined to fight. However, despite this tormenting experience, Johnson survived the attack and did not stop offering the services he so direly loved. He might have been a victim of cell phone crimes, but he swore to wage war against such evils in correctional facilities. With the aid of Securus Technologies, he aims at curbing cell phone crimes and protecting the people from the criminals.


Robert Johnson was an officer who strictly operated by the book. As a result, he, on more than one occasion, crashed with inmates who tried to smuggle contrabands in the facility. This predisposed him to attacks, which was a normalcy in his line of duty. However, in 2010, Robert Johnson seized a contraband package that, without a shred doubt, led to his attempted assassination organized through a contraband cell phone within the facility.


Positive Changes Initiated By Securus Technologies


Fortunately, the dawn to end this crime arrived with Securus Technologies. The reputable firm developed wireless containment systems that are suitable for all correctional facilities to curb the use of mobile devices. How do the systems work? Well, the system utilizes local cellular network that monitors calls that are within that local network.


The wireless containment systems work to prevent and also gather information regarding any unauthorized cellphone in the correctional facility. They also control threats that emanate from the use of these contraband cell phones in jails or prisons. Besides, they address the security needs of facility employees by ensuring information about them is not communicated to the outside world with the aim of hurting them as it happened in the case of Robert.


Therefore, if you are a stakeholder in any correctional facility, it is prudent to work with Securus Technologies to improve your containment systems. This way, you are guaranteed of a safe environment for all that work in the correctional facility when they are in or out of the institution.

Securus Technologies: Improving the American Correctional System One Innovation at a Time

Securus Technologies Inc. is a company that was founded in 1986 with a vision of improving the American Correctional system in general. We have our headquarters in Dallas, TX although we serve approximately 2,600 correctional facilities in the US, Canada, and Mexico. The company specializes in offering innovative technological solutions for detainee communications, parolee tracking, and government information.


Our company has employed over 1000 employees, making it the largest provider of high-tech software solutions to law enforcement, correctional agencies, and public safety agencies. In my opinion, Securus Technologies is one of the most innovative players in the industry, with the more than 140 patents to its name. The company also provides for better communication between inmates and their family members. Using our technology, many correctional facilities have managed to get rid of contraband phones within the facilities, which used to be a challenge. In the place on contraband phones, the company offers a legal and safe way for detainee communication, serving over 1,000,000 inmates countrywide.


Both the institutions served with the technologies and the individuals using our communication have nothing but positive things to say about our services. Our technology has been used during investigations, which help solve crimes. One satisfied consumer noted that they used Securus phone records to track down and arrest a corrupt member of their staff. Another member of the correctional facility staff team confessed that using the company’s technologies, they have been able to minimize incidences of contraband in their facility.


Many correctional facilities continue to rely on our technology as it is both effective and efficient. Our LBS software has especially been singled out for special praise. It has been used to recover illegal assets, drugs, and even cash. At Securus Technologies Inc., we are committed to continuing improving our correctional facilities for a better future.


Securus Technologies; Innovative Crime Prevention and Inmate Communication Technology

Securus Technologies serves to provide incident management, investigations, emergency responses, public information, inmate self-services, biometric analyses and monitoring services and products. The company is located in Dallas as their headquarters and seeks to ensure there is a safer environment for individuals and inmates as well. Securus has been adopting advanced technologies as a matter of ensuring crimes are resolved. The company takes the initiative of publishing the comments of their customers on how they can use technology in solving and preventing crimes. These crimes ideally include inmate-on-inmate crimes which have been on the rise. In accordance to this, the company receives letters and emails on how their technological adoptions can be implemented to carter for better security to individuals.

Securus carries out weekly developments on new products and services which are supposed to assist law enforcers and correction officials in solving and preventing crimes in various states. The company has been monitoring and keeping security records of their customers using the advanced technologies they adopted thus ensuring safer environments. Essentially, many customers have been relying on the security measures being offered by Securus Technologies over time and have greatly benefited. The adoption of better technologies has seen to it that the company be on the top position against its competitors in the provision of security measures.

Every week, Securus has been developing new products and technologies which are entailed to improved security measures and increase the protection of individuals. Ideally, the aspect of focusing on technology as the key implement in providing better security measures entails to ensure that there is a safer environment for all civilians including inmates. Subject to this, I will comprehend the initiatives taken by Securus Technologies as a positive move towards providing security for a safer environment to all individuals.


Securus Technologies – Highly Effective Crime Prevention Technology Law Enforcement Officials Trust

Securus Technologies is one of the biggest firms in the field of prison telecommunications and offer a broad range of services that help the inmates stay in touch with their friends and families. It is highly needed these days for the inmates to keep contact with the world outside, especially the friends and relatives. It reduces stress from their lives and also acts as a medium to keep them calm that also reduces inmate on inmate crimes in the prisons. Securus Technologies offer a broad range of services to the prisoners including money transfer, e-mail services, voicemail messaging, video visitation, phone services, and more.



The company believes in innovation and spends millions on research and development. Over the years, the company has been able to bag over 600 patents to its name, which is a commendable feat in itself. Moreover, Securus Technologies also won the Gold Stevie Award recently for the best sales and customer service training team beating over 2,300 participants from across the globe. The competition is fierce in the client service category and the fact that it won the first time it participated showcases the high competition the firm maintains in its business operations, products, and services.



Securus Technologies recently extended an open invitation to the new, existing and potential customers and investors to its Technology Center in Dallas, Texas through a press release firm published online. In the media release, the company also released parts of the letters it receives from the law enforcement officials, showing how useful the company’s products and services are.



I have used the products and services of Securus Technologies for over three years now and feel they are tremendously helpful as well as cost-effective. It helps me while performing my duty as a police officer and honestly, Securus’s services are effective in crime prevention.




Securus Technologies Amends GTL’s Inaccuracies

Securus Technologies recently made a press release that corrected information made by GTL. Securus Technologies insisted that GTL has made lots of errors and inaccurate statements in its press release. Securus determine to correct all the issues. It strived to find clarification on the statements. One of the first allegations made by GTL was that they were pleased that the PTAB had determined their innovations. It indicated that the company had the chance to move to court to protect its technology.


Securus Technology refuted the claim stating that the PTAB did not have the final ruling on the matter. The PTAB refused to review the information because it was baseless and misleading. Securus believes that it did not infringe any patented rights as claimed by GTL. The company CEO of Securus Technologies insisted that the lawsuit may take years and millions of dollars to complete. Securus has since questioned on the approach undertaken by the company. It doesn’t make sense that a company like GTL with very few patents and licenses would seek to waste its resources and go to court. Securus insisted that GTL should act in the best interest of consumers. It stated that a firm that acted in the interest of the entire company and consumers should focus its resources on items that would improve business growth.


In another allegation, GTL claimed that the patents board had preserved approximately 55 alleges about the video visitation technologies. According to Securus Technologies, the PTAB failed to review all such claims. Any further information released by GTL is nothing but false allegations. Richard Smith is the current CEO of Securus Technologies. He advised GTL to pursue patents and licenses. The company should stop focusing its resources on picking fights with other firms. Doing this should enable GTL grow and improve customer experience.