Talk Fusions Charitable Success

When Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 their focus was placed on helping people. They give to the communities by helping people achieve their dreams and build their futures. Bob Reina acts as the companies CEO and is committed to the goals of the company.

Bob’s influence has been incredible. His love of animals was responsible for a donation to the Humane Society of $1 million. He also supports an orphanage in Indonesia. His actions are mirrored by the team at Talk Fusion and have spread to 140 countries.

Bob began a program at Talk Fusion so every employee can donate one account absolutely free to a charity they choose. This package includes Video Chat, Sign-up Forms, Live Meetings and Video Email and Newsletters.

Helping people has remained Bob’s biggest goal. His main interest is how Talk Fusion has changed peoples lives. This encompasses everything from medical expenses for saving lives to helping family and friends with their finances. He uses his success to help as many people as he can. He makes donations, has helped the victims of the earthquake in Nepal and aided the people affected when the tsunami hit Japan. His mission has succeeded and as a result has aided people all over the world.

Bob Reina has been described as readily accessible, down to earth and one cool dude. In his early career he was a Deputy for the Hillsborough County Sheriff. He then focused on direct sales. It didn’t take long before he became one of the top salesmen in his field. Eventually he founded Talk Fusion.

He was responsible for providing a new video technology which was the beginning of the success of Talk Fusion. He now has over twenty years experience in law enforcement and marketing. He still stands behind causes to help animals and is a highly respected member of his community.