Talented Singer Norka Luque is Much More

The very talented Norka Luque, from Venezuela, has many secrets that she hides from people. These secrets are talents that she has that very few know about. While they are not necessarily the bad kind of secrets, they are somethings that she keeps under wraps to ensure that she is taken seriously as a singer. If everyone knew that she held four degrees, they may not think that she is as talented as she is as a singer and they may have trouble figuring out what her angle really is when all she wants to do is be an entertainer.

When she was young, she sang. Her parents enjoyed her singing and they urged her to pursue professional singing. Still, she only did it as a hobby and as something that she enjoyed. It was not something that she thought much of and was actually something that she didn’t want to worry with since she wanted to be a professional at something else. She wanted to study business. The study of business was something that she wasn’t passionate about but it was something that she knew would work in a real-world application. Singing was only a pipe dream for Norka.

It was only a dream until one day it became her reality. While she was living in France, she was approached by members of a band. They had heard that she singed and they were interested in hearing more. They listened to her voice and they loved it. They wanted her to be a part of their band and they knew that she was going to make big things happen for them.

Her singing soon led to great opportunities for her. She met up with world famous Emilio Estefan Jr. and launched her solo career. He was a producer who could help her in many ways and actually introduced her to the singing world. He knew that she would be big and he invested a lot of time into her. This was one of the reasons why her career took off like it did. After many awards, tours and albums that she has put out, Norka is still grateful for the opportunities that she had as a student studying business.