ClassDojo Shares Kindness in Free Online Summer Series

It might be summer break for students nationwide, but the learning never truly stops. ClassDojo chose to focus on promoting a positive activity for children in a weekly series called “Summer Kindness.” The nine week-long program runs from June to mid-August and will feature free inviting activities weekly that focuses on the topic. The lessons are all geared towards school-aged children.

Each week on ClassDojo a new topic will be discussed along with fun, engaging activities and talking points for parents. Some of the items discussed are empathy, values, and leadership. ClassDojo knows that kindness is a multifaceted subject with major subtopics. They went the extra mile on their summer series by covering kindness in depth and making it easy to understand for kids.

For those that are unfamiliar with ClassDojo, it is a communication platform used by 2 in 3 schools. It is an innovative way that allows teachers to communicate with parents about their students. This connection builds empowerment on all sides opening up the channels of conversation. ClassDojo also creates a positive culture with classrooms and schools that welcomes involvement and feedback.

Summer break is usually filled with lazy days, outdoor play, and relaxation, but ClassDojo chose to share the benefits of being kind in their “Summer Kindness” series. A new subject and exciting activities are posted weekly from June to August that encourages positive interaction with others. ClassDojo is definitely an asset to any school or classroom.

In addition to allowing more communication from the classroom, there are many more benefits to the ground-up changes ClassDojo brings to schools. Many parents have busy schedules and feel like they miss out on a lot of their student’s school activities, but with ClassDojo they feel engaged with the community by seeing updates and pictures from their child’s classroom.

Rocketship Education Provides Innovation and Transparency

It is always a good thing when parents get involved in their children’s education. Such is the case with teachers who wield the power to interview teacher applicants in a new D.C. Charter school. The construction site’s location is in Southeast Washington, and is not how most people imagine a school’s construction. Parents toured the school and were impressed with the layout of its computer lab, nursing station, and gymnasium. Construction configurations inside the school allow younger student classrooms to connect to cut back on hallway lollygagging.

Parents interview teachers before the school offers the applicant employment. No doubt, it is an innovate approach to how teachers are hired. However, it gives parents an up close and personal idea of the teacher who is interviewing for the position. Some applicants feel intimidated that parents will have too much control and decide to pass on consideration for the position. Others like the idea that parents can get so involved with their child’s education. These prospects interview well and accept the position.

The Rocketship organization gained national attention when it opened its first elementary school in 2007. The school’s approach to learning resulted in strong test scores and a unique approach to teaching. Students nowhave access to both teachers and computer instructions. This kept the school’s administrative costs low. While there are many that support the charter school, there are those that oppose the concept. Such a school could possibly create unnecessary competition to traditional elementary schools in the area.

Rocketship is a network of elementary schools that perform high. They locate their charter schools in underserved communities in Nashville, the Bay Area, Milwaukee, and Washington D.C. The organization believes they can nurture human potential and develop it at a young age. Their goal is to help release the potential in every child served. Rocketship schools also believe in providing transparency with respect to how they provide education.