Mike Baur and The Insight You Get From His Interview With Red Bull

The real test of a good entrepreneur is in whether one can stand again after a business failure. Fortunately for Freiburg-based business leader Mike Baur, he exudes the right personality and the right attitudes to be able to do just that: to rise again after a significant business challenge. We even learned from an article in Red Bull that one reason he is still successful right now is that he has the right mental and financial capacity to withstand business failures.



The Leader of Swiss Startup Factory



Being the co-founder of Swiss Start-up Factory, Mike Baur is responsible for making the company an active supporter of tech start-ups and other innovative ventures today. The 42-year-old Mike Baur is also the man who can make sure that the brilliant ideas being presented to him is not just a mere idea. He has to turn that idea into a business venture that provides value to the world he’s in and make sure that the company he runs does that all the time.



The Interview With Red Bull



Another exciting set of business tips you can get from Mike Baur comes from his interview with Red Bull. In there, he shared that some of the most important things a business start-up should have include: trust, hard work and ignoring the naysayers. Mike Baur event went far to say that one has to work like a pig. He also added that business success should only be possible if one breaks the rules. This, he thinks, is an engine to innovation.



He also didn’t forget to highlight the fact that one has to share ideas. Mike Baur seems to agree with the principle of the collaborative effort. He believes that one should always share with others. He thinks that if one shares, it gives one the chance to be a source of inspiration to many. He is also a firm believer in the fact that only when you share your ideas with people can you get the right feedback for your innovation and offerings.



How To Fix Lack of Motivation



We also learned in the Red Bull interview about how Mike Baur deals with lack of motivation. He believes that when one experiences a dry spell, it should not be seen as a bad thing. It is where you can find the fuel to the fire of your next ventures. That is an opportunity for a businessperson to separate the wheat from its chaff, and that is where all the good ideas are generated.



The Mall-Goer Standards of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Center

Leisure tasks are spot on, together with music live playing with bands and also national First shopping centers in Brazil to bring this tech. Superior place, especially the 3 d rooms, as Manaira purchasing was one of the Manaira feels living with activities, music, and activities which regularly change it’s grown into a conference by itself. Its motto “exactly what exactly are you really going to accomplish now? ” comes with an inviting influence to individuals, which makes them really feel as though anything they’re intending to accomplish, they’re able to do it using a better adventure and atmosphere at the Manaira.

Features a high-end yet inexpensive theatre that offers the valued picture goers that the optimal/optimally picture adventure that they could ever acquire together with transparent hd sound and video quality and high-class seats for their relaxation. Truly the Manaira is putting a gold standard when it regards stores in the nation of Brazil.

Even the Whenever Manaira retail center, owned and assembled by Roberto Santiago may be the biggest retail center in Brazil’s Paraiba country and is now recognized as one of the country’s largest. The shopping centre can be found within the town of also the local Manaira as well as João Pessoa. It’s this enormous project that cemented Roberto Santiago’s position as one on the list of couple who has now reached great heights in the world of enterprise and entrepreneurship, and subsequently, that has enabled one to become quite a influential man from the country.

Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Searching Mall also Musicians. The cinema has won awards because of the Seeing the Paraiba, the nation exactly where the Manaira purchasing is located, Brazilians and tourists alike are already aware that the buying centre is one of the most critical touristic details to visit. In João Pessoa, the town where it’s positioned, the neighborhood Manaira was already one of the favorite locations of the regional folks, however, the mall has increased by a considerable allowance the sum of traffic which the local adventures.

Even the Santiago chose that the place for its shopping center with amazing care. He attentively ensured to set up the construction at an area which has been accessible from the longest streets and avenues in Manaira, also it’d be located at the center of this metropolis of João Pessoa, therefore everybody else who visits the historic town using an shot in the contrasting modern architecture and also the upgraded activities this region has to offer.

Manaira retail center has been the buzz and also talk of the town for people in all walks of the life. Mall-goers, be it elderly individuals, kids, youngsters, or even middle-aged people, enjoy the purchasing encounter that they buy in the Manaira because Roberto Santiago’s retail complex is currently changing the way that people view shopping mall.


The Achievements Of Entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt

Ever since he was very young, Sawyer Howitt has always had a very keen ability when it comes understanding the operational and financial needs of a business. Having born from a family of successful entrepreneurs, he has no choice but to venture in the same field. He has been working at the Meriwether Group where he has been a very resourceful person and contributed significantly to the growth of the company. Sawyer Howitt has the ability to connect with customers effectively and appreciates the unique soul of any particular brand. He has already earned a reputation as a skilled and reliable young man, capable of undertaking any task.

While at Meriwether Group, a company founded by his father, Sawyer Howitt completes complex spreadsheets and also takes notes when attending key meetings of the company. Apart from working at the family company, Sawyer Howitt is also a student who is in his second semester in Lincoln High School. All his studies are focused on financial and business success and internships. He became the Project manager at Meriwether Group in 2007 and has ever since been working extra hard to implement the company’s strategic plans. He works with many different projects as continues to change the manner in which commerce will operate in the days to come. Sawyer Howitt also hopes to change business development so as to adapt with the ever changing technology.

Apart from being involved in business, Sawyer Howitt is also an active Philanthropist. He is committed to giving back to the community despite being young. He champions for the mentorship of the youth and also fights for women’s rights. Sawyer is also part of an active ethnic and international study group where he serves as the leader. He has managed to create an exemplary work plan that combines customer service, finances and business. He hopes to further his studies and will soon graduate from the University of California, Berkeley. Sawyer Howitt aspires to be one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in the United Sates. He has planned to study Entrepreneurial Finance Degree Program while in the university. Sawyer serves as a role model to many young people and challenges the notion that success is only for the aged individuals. He has been described as hard working, disciplined, passionate and committed to his goals.

Hussain Sajwani’s accomplishments in Real Estate

Hussain Sajwani owes his success to the University of Washington. From his education background derived from this reputable institution, he was able to manage contracts in GASCO, a member of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company which aims at the production of natural gas in the Middle East. Later on, he ventured into his own hospitality business with particular interests in catering where he built many hotels in the United Arab Emirates. This was purposely done to aid in accommodating entrepreneurs coming to the country to do their businesses.


In 2002, the DAMAC Owner engineered DAMAC properties. It is a real estate company situated in Dubai. He became president of the enterprise in the same year. The company deals with marketing and selling flats, mansions, resorts, hotels, and villas. Moreover, his marketing know-how has led to the growth of the real estate firm making it one of the best companies dealing with property development in the Middle East. Furthermore, his renowned business, administrative and managerial skills are the driving force towards the booming achievements experienced by the firm. Because of this, the company has managed to go global and on-going projects in countries such as Doha, London, and many others.


Hussain possesses a close relationship with the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump who was his business partner and still is but decided to pay more attention to politics as opposed to business. This was confirmed by the president’s inaugural speech on the New Year’s Eve where he praised his great friend and acknowledged his ginormous efforts. Donald Trump families and Hussain Sajwani family went on a vacation together with their families.


The real estate firm and its president took a significant step by extending a hand to the homeless who were hit by the snow storm, Huda, in countries such as Lebanon. The firm donated one million AED to support these refugees. Although his business enterprise has achieved much within its time of existence, it still strives hard to meet all its goals and objectives. Moreover, its philanthropic nature persists as evidenced by how it helps the society in times of need.


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