Mike Baur and The Insight You Get From His Interview With Red Bull

The real test of a good entrepreneur is in whether one can stand again after a business failure. Fortunately for Freiburg-based business leader Mike Baur, he exudes the right personality and the right attitudes to be able to do just that: to rise again after a significant business challenge. We even learned from an article in Red Bull that one reason he is still successful right now is that he has the right mental and financial capacity to withstand business failures.



The Leader of Swiss Startup Factory



Being the co-founder of Swiss Start-up Factory, Mike Baur is responsible for making the company an active supporter of tech start-ups and other innovative ventures today. The 42-year-old Mike Baur is also the man who can make sure that the brilliant ideas being presented to him is not just a mere idea. He has to turn that idea into a business venture that provides value to the world he’s in and make sure that the company he runs does that all the time.



The Interview With Red Bull



Another exciting set of business tips you can get from Mike Baur comes from his interview with Red Bull. In there, he shared that some of the most important things a business start-up should have include: trust, hard work and ignoring the naysayers. Mike Baur event went far to say that one has to work like a pig. He also added that business success should only be possible if one breaks the rules. This, he thinks, is an engine to innovation.



He also didn’t forget to highlight the fact that one has to share ideas. Mike Baur seems to agree with the principle of the collaborative effort. He believes that one should always share with others. He thinks that if one shares, it gives one the chance to be a source of inspiration to many. He is also a firm believer in the fact that only when you share your ideas with people can you get the right feedback for your innovation and offerings.



How To Fix Lack of Motivation



We also learned in the Red Bull interview about how Mike Baur deals with lack of motivation. He believes that when one experiences a dry spell, it should not be seen as a bad thing. It is where you can find the fuel to the fire of your next ventures. That is an opportunity for a businessperson to separate the wheat from its chaff, and that is where all the good ideas are generated.



Julia Jackson Shows The Advantages of Working At Her Family Business

Julia JacksonThere are a lot of advantages that Julia Jackson gets from working for her business. Among the advantages that she has gained was the value of hard work and diligence. She has also gained the chance to be a role model to many children and an example to women who want to make a successful career out of their lives. Another advantage that Julia Jackson has gained from working with her company is that she gets to hold jobs that are based on what she has always been passionate about which is wine. Julia Jackson has taken her interest in wine and has found opportunities to be a part of something that is very positive.Another advantage that she has gained is that she was able to travel to different countries such as France, learn the language and make new friends. This has helped her learn about the most important aspects of business.Julia Jackson

One of the best things about Jackson Family Vines is that they take the time to train their workers in the most meaningful ways so that they will be able to take on the different responsibilities that goes into taking care of one of the many breweries in different countries.One of the wisest things a business can do is build many different brands so that it can expand. Jackson Family Wines has built some successful brands for people to enjoy. Among the brands for Jackson Family Vines is Arcanum, in Italy. Italy has a unique brewing system that makes the wines very high in quality.Julia Jackson is fortunate to be part of a very innovative wine brewery. She works as one of the marketers of the company. She gets to spread awareness of the company and all of the advantages that come with working for the company.

Livio Bisterzo Of Hippeas Furthers The “Pea Train”

Livio Bisterzo, an Italian businessman with a long history in hospitality and sales, in 2015 utilized his many years of business experience and love for all things healthy to create Green Park Brands. The company was singularly dedicated to creating and selling food products that would not only be extremely healthy but would also provide a myriad of social benefits to the world at large as well. Certainly this is a tall order so we might ask if Mr. Bisterzo has been able to achieve it? All present evidence points towards the unequivocal answer, “yes.”

Though Green Park Brands has been involved in numerous projects at the behest of Mr. Livio Bisterzo none of them have been nearly as successful or well received as Hippeas which now ranks as one of the fastest growing snack brands in the United States of America. One of the reasons why the brand has been so successful is the fact that Hippeas, made our of chickpeas, rides the industry trend of plant based snacks without additives which is currently in high and increasing demand as food products become ever more synthetic and mass produced. The rising collective consciousness surrounding just how unhealthy many of the most popular and widely available snacks actually are has created a ever growing market niche for “green” products.

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But Hippeas are designed to be far more than merely another tasty snack, they are also great for farmers and their land since chickpeas naturally produce a good deal of nitrogen which they then release back into the soil as they grow. This makes them great for farmers because it keeps the soil fertile for the next batch of peas. That being said, the snack does not skimp on flavor and finger-licking goodness either. Currently, there are six major flavors to choose from, Fajita, Vegan, White Cheddar, Maple, Pepper and Hickory, all of which are custom tailored to the latest rising trends among young consumers which, according to Bisterzo’s own studies, seems to lean towards global combinations of signature flavors. Hippeas are also significantly healthier than most other brand name snacks, with each pack containing about 4 grams of protein, 130 calories and 3 grams of fiber. Its hard to predict the future but so far the brand looks like it is going nowhere but up.

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