Curbing Cell Phone Crimes Through Wireless Containment Systems From Securus Technologies

Contraband cell phones are mysteriously getting their way to many correctional facilities in the country today. In as much as the security system is tight, several of these gadgets slip through them into these institutions illegally. Why would an inmate need a cell phone behind bars? Well, many people claim that they love to stay in touch with their families, friends, and also the outside world. This may be a viable reason, but what of the prison landlines? Aren’t they installed for this purpose? Yes! There must be ulterior motives for which the inmates need to have access to cell phones while in these correctional facilities. Luckily, Securus Technologies has developed wireless containment systems that have curbed the contraband cellphones in prisons.


Robert Johnson and Cellphone Crimes


When you talk of cellphones arranged crimes, Robert Johnson pops in mind. I bet you have heard of the misfortunes that begot the correctional officer in South Carolina. After having served for 15 years at the Lee Correctional Institution, a tragedy whose effects are still felt to date befell Robert Johnson. He was a diligent correctional officer tasked with fighting contraband in the institution. This was an area he was highly conversant in over his 15-year tenure.


Unfortunately, he became the ill-fated target of the crime he was so determined to fight. However, despite this tormenting experience, Johnson survived the attack and did not stop offering the services he so direly loved. He might have been a victim of cell phone crimes, but he swore to wage war against such evils in correctional facilities. With the aid of Securus Technologies, he aims at curbing cell phone crimes and protecting the people from the criminals.


Robert Johnson was an officer who strictly operated by the book. As a result, he, on more than one occasion, crashed with inmates who tried to smuggle contrabands in the facility. This predisposed him to attacks, which was a normalcy in his line of duty. However, in 2010, Robert Johnson seized a contraband package that, without a shred doubt, led to his attempted assassination organized through a contraband cell phone within the facility.


Positive Changes Initiated By Securus Technologies


Fortunately, the dawn to end this crime arrived with Securus Technologies. The reputable firm developed wireless containment systems that are suitable for all correctional facilities to curb the use of mobile devices. How do the systems work? Well, the system utilizes local cellular network that monitors calls that are within that local network.


The wireless containment systems work to prevent and also gather information regarding any unauthorized cellphone in the correctional facility. They also control threats that emanate from the use of these contraband cell phones in jails or prisons. Besides, they address the security needs of facility employees by ensuring information about them is not communicated to the outside world with the aim of hurting them as it happened in the case of Robert.


Therefore, if you are a stakeholder in any correctional facility, it is prudent to work with Securus Technologies to improve your containment systems. This way, you are guaranteed of a safe environment for all that work in the correctional facility when they are in or out of the institution.

Here Is What Caused the Frontera Fund to Be Started

The Frontera Fund is well known for its support to immigrants who are new to this country and need help. However, how did it get started? Here is the story that caused the Frontera Fund to be launched.

It started when Sheriff Joe Arpaio sent officers to arrest two journalists, Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin. These two journalists had been criticizing the sheriff in the Phoenix New Times. Joe Arpaio did not like that, and so he ordered that the Phoenix New Times release information about their journalists, writers, editors, and even the IP addresses of people who read news on their website. This was an attempt to intimidate his opposition, although Sheriff Joe Arpaio claimed that they were arrested for writing an article revealing the illegal order and interfering with an investigation. Of course, it is totally illegal and violates the Constitutional rights of the journalists’ freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

There was a loud outcry from all over the country about this act of dictatorship. In the end, these journalists were released within twenty four hours, and all charges against them were dropped. However, Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey pressed charges against Joe Arpaio for the illegal arrest. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that there was no greater violation of the Constitution than what Joe Arpaio did. Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey were awarded millions of dollars as part of a settlement from the county where Joe Arpaio was the sheriff. However, Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey did not keep the money for themselves. Rather, they decided to launch the Frontera Fund in order to help out immigrants. Many immigrants suffered from Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who did not like immigrants and set up policies to deny them a path to a better future.

Lacey and Larkin Resort to Altruism Post-Arpaio Controversy

Joe Arpaio, whose list of alleged crimes is near limitless, was recently pardoned by President Donald Trump. After confessing to using racial profiling, a judge ordered Arpaio, who was Sheriff of Maricopa County, to cease the enforcement of immigration laws. Arpaio disobeyed the judge and continued to terrorize the Hispanic residents of Arizona. He was immediately charged with contempt of court and convicted in July of 2017.


Arpaio recently sat down for an interview with MSNBC’s Ari Melber. In the interview Arpaio claimed innocence even though he accepted the pardon, which Ari explained is itself an admission of guilt.


The former co-owners of The Phoenix New Times know first hand about the immoral actions committed by Joe Arpaio. After the duo published material that meant to expose Joe Arpaio as a criminal, Arpaio broke the law once more when he arrested them, a violation of their first amendment rights.


Lacey and Larkin didn’t take their victimization in stride. Instead, they sued the county and were eventually awarded a near 4 million dollar restitution. The two used the money to create two new organizations.


The two journalist sold their newspaper and ventured into unfamiliar territory. They wanted to assist the community that Joe Arpaio had been tearing apart, so they created The Frontera Fund. The fund aims to assist the Hispanic community of Arizona – the target of Arpaio’s immoral actions. Lacey and Larkin will work in collaboration with other such charities to provide knowledge and better lives for Hispanic residents.


Their altruism doesn’t stop there. They created a brand new paper with the intention of educating readers on topics such as human rights, civil rights, migrant rights and constitutional violations. After seeing the damage Arpaio has done since his election in 1992, Larkin and Lacey now strive to correct it. Their new paper is called Front Page Confidential.