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Penelope Kokkinide’s Actions to Improve InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a provider of healthcare services for maintenance of good health and client’s well being. Recently, the healthcare organization hired three healthcare executives and incorporated them in its leadership team. The reason for additional recruitment is to boost the company’s expertise. Two of the new members have worked with various government programs including Medicaid and Medicare enriching them with substantial experience. The three new experts are Penelope Kokkinides, Jonathan Meyers, and Mike Sortino.Jonathan Meyer’s role in InnovaCare Health is serving as the chief actuary officer. Before joining the company, Jonathan worked at Horizon BCBS where he served as its actuarial services director in Medicaid and Medicare. Meyer also played significant duties in heritage medical systems. Meyer’s colleague, Mike Sortino, is the chief accounting officer of Shinto’s organization. Earlier, Sortino controlled Samsung Fire services. His finance role at InnovaCare Health is highly appreciated and inspired by his past experiences. Mike Sortino has more than two decades of expertise in the insurance sector. Also, he has five years skills in public accounting.

Penelope Kokkinides is in charge of InnovaCare Health’s administration. For over two decades, Kokkinides has worked in the government programs specializing in Medicare and Medicaid. Due to Penelope Kokkinide’s exposure, she has extensive knowledge in managing various healthcare activities. Penelope’s main focus is to improve health efficiencies and organizational infrastructure. In her previous years in the health sector, Penelope has been in many executive positions. She was the Centerlight HealthCare’s chief operating officer. Additionally, Penelope Kokkinides was the vice chair of Centerlight HealthCare carrying out an overall strategic direction of the enterprise.Besides the three executive members, the most significant personality at InnovaCare is Rick Shinto. Rick Shinto is the organization’s president and CEO. Like Penelope Kokkinides, Rick Shinto significant impact in the health industry accounts for twenty years.

Through Dr. Shinto’s clinical skills, InnovaCare Health offers transformational healthcare services. Also, Rick Shinto works towards ensuring that client’s needs are attended to with quality and efficiency. He longs to see full customer-satisfaction characterized with zero complaints. Rick Shinto’s ultimate goal is health care quality for all InnovaCare patients.Before leading InnovaCare, Rick worked at Medical Pathways Management Company. Afterward, Shinto held the corporate vice president post at Medical Management for Med Partners. To propel InnovaCare Health forward, Rick Shinto put the company in Healthcare Payment Learning & Action Network. InnovaCare will integrate quality payment methods for its customers. This reform will enhance the organization’s operations attracting more clients. InnovaCare will serve over 20,000 people and 7,500 network providers. The company’s success is attributed to Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides.

Securus Technologies; Innovative Crime Prevention and Inmate Communication Technology

Securus Technologies serves to provide incident management, investigations, emergency responses, public information, inmate self-services, biometric analyses and monitoring services and products. The company is located in Dallas as their headquarters and seeks to ensure there is a safer environment for individuals and inmates as well. Securus has been adopting advanced technologies as a matter of ensuring crimes are resolved. The company takes the initiative of publishing the comments of their customers on how they can use technology in solving and preventing crimes. These crimes ideally include inmate-on-inmate crimes which have been on the rise. In accordance to this, the company receives letters and emails on how their technological adoptions can be implemented to carter for better security to individuals.

Securus carries out weekly developments on new products and services which are supposed to assist law enforcers and correction officials in solving and preventing crimes in various states. The company has been monitoring and keeping security records of their customers using the advanced technologies they adopted thus ensuring safer environments. Essentially, many customers have been relying on the security measures being offered by Securus Technologies over time and have greatly benefited. The adoption of better technologies has seen to it that the company be on the top position against its competitors in the provision of security measures.

Every week, Securus has been developing new products and technologies which are entailed to improved security measures and increase the protection of individuals. Ideally, the aspect of focusing on technology as the key implement in providing better security measures entails to ensure that there is a safer environment for all civilians including inmates. Subject to this, I will comprehend the initiatives taken by Securus Technologies as a positive move towards providing security for a safer environment to all individuals.