Norman Pattiz Unveils a New Paranormal Podcast on his PodcastOne’s Subsidiary, Jericho Network Program

Norman Pattiz, the founder and principal chairperson of PodcastOne, has publicly confirmed that the new podcast called Beyond the Darkness will delve into the world of paranormal. The new podcast will feature on the Chis Jericho’s Podcast Network. The show will comprise of entertaining and educative conversations with internationally celebrated researchers, disputing everything fans think they know regarding demons, monsters, ghouls, aliens, ghosts, mysteries, and miracles. Renowned radio producer Tim Dennis and established radio host Dave Schrader will serve as the host for the Beyond the Darkness. The show will release new episodes every Monday, which will be available on PodcastOne app, iTunes, and


Norman Pattiz’s remarks


Norman Pattiz commended Chris Jericho for his exceptional record of achievement since he joined PodcastOne Network. He confirmed that Jericho is one of the valuable assets of the PodcastOne network. The management of PodcastOne was sure that Jericho would grow The Jericho Network Collection beyond wrestling. He brought world’s funniest comedians and now he is taking his followers to the arena of Paranormal through the podcast Beyond the Darkness.


Chris Jericho’s declarations


Chris Jericho was delighted to announce the launch of a new program, Beyond the Darkness, in The Jericho Network. He confirmed to his audience that Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader are the best in the industry when it comes to paranormal matters.


About Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz is a leading investor in the media and entertainment sector. He launched Westwood One, one of the most trusted radio Network in America, providing news, entertainment, traffic programming, news, and sports to the Broadcast sector. The radio network was in charge of managing and distributing CBS News, Mutual Broadcasting System, March Madness, NBC radio networks, and The Super Bowl. He sat on the Broadcasting Board of Governance (BBG) of the U.S. under both leadership of President Clinton and President Bush.


The BBG is responsible for managing of all the nonmilitary broadcasting services of the United States, such as the Radio Liberty, the Middle East Broadcasting, Radio Free Europe and The Voice of America. Apart from his activities in the broadcasting space, Mr. Pattiz is an advisor to the well-known University of California. Mr. Pattiz serves on the Council on Foreign Relations as well as Pacific Council on International Relations. Mr. Pattiz has bagged prestigious accolades for his accomplishments in the broadcasting sector. The Library of American Broadcasting announced him as the recipient of the Giants of Broadcasting Award.




Securus Technologies Amends GTL’s Inaccuracies

Securus Technologies recently made a press release that corrected information made by GTL. Securus Technologies insisted that GTL has made lots of errors and inaccurate statements in its press release. Securus determine to correct all the issues. It strived to find clarification on the statements. One of the first allegations made by GTL was that they were pleased that the PTAB had determined their innovations. It indicated that the company had the chance to move to court to protect its technology.


Securus Technology refuted the claim stating that the PTAB did not have the final ruling on the matter. The PTAB refused to review the information because it was baseless and misleading. Securus believes that it did not infringe any patented rights as claimed by GTL. The company CEO of Securus Technologies insisted that the lawsuit may take years and millions of dollars to complete. Securus has since questioned on the approach undertaken by the company. It doesn’t make sense that a company like GTL with very few patents and licenses would seek to waste its resources and go to court. Securus insisted that GTL should act in the best interest of consumers. It stated that a firm that acted in the interest of the entire company and consumers should focus its resources on items that would improve business growth.


In another allegation, GTL claimed that the patents board had preserved approximately 55 alleges about the video visitation technologies. According to Securus Technologies, the PTAB failed to review all such claims. Any further information released by GTL is nothing but false allegations. Richard Smith is the current CEO of Securus Technologies. He advised GTL to pursue patents and licenses. The company should stop focusing its resources on picking fights with other firms. Doing this should enable GTL grow and improve customer experience.


Doe Deere Loves What She Does

Some people are lucky in life. They get to do what they love. Such is the case with business woman Doe Deere. Deere has made her entire life her world of makeup. Starting out with a single idea, she has turned that idea into something that is concrete and impressive. Her work in recent decades has been all about showing others how they can use the world of makeup to their own ends. She has been able to take what she loves doing and transform it into a company. Her work with Lime Crime, her company, is one that is all about showing others how they can recreate the looks she has so they can have a modern and contemporary look. As someone who prides herself on being herself at all times, she has worked hard to show others how they can also be themselves via their own makeup choices.


An Interview


In a recent interview, she talks about the world that she has helped create. In this highly candid and revealing interview, Deere talks about what motivates her to do what she does in her life. She talks to her many fans about the ideas behind her concepts and how she has worked hard to make them come to life. Her interview here helps reveal the woman behind the company. In here, she talks honestly about the world she knows and loves so well. Here, her fans can see what it is that cares about each and why that caring is translated into something she can share with others. She has learned a great deal in her years as someone at the helm of a company, allowing her to understand the world around her and how she she can be a better business person for her many fans.


Moving Forward


As she reflects on the choices she’s realizes that she has much to continue to offer her clients. She sees that she needs to work even harder to take Lime Crime to the next level and create something that her clients will love even more. It is this passion that helps fuel what she does in her life. It is also this passion that helps her show others how they follow in her footsteps. She works with her many staffers in order to show them her vision. In doing so, she and her fellow company executives have continued to tap into a new market for those who are looking for special makeup products of all kinds.

Follow her @doedeere

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Are you between the ages of 21 and 35, young and hip? Maybe you have a decent paying job, but it will still be years before you can get a prestigious credit card? Want to meet others in your city with like ideas? If you are currently living in New York City, Washington D.C. Boston or Chicago, then the Magnises Black Card is for you!

According to Business Insider and Forbes, created by Billy McFarland and released in New York City March of 2014 is a new and exciting way to change your current credit card into something trendy and fun.

The Magnises card is not in itself a credit card, but instead takes your current credit card and transfers the information onto its magnetic strip. Members receive discounts and special invitations to various events and business.

To receive a Magnises Black Card, visit to fill out an application. Membership is by referral only, but prospective members will be invited to their city’s Magnises Club House where they will meet and socialize with current members. The members will then vote to accept your membership or not.

Once accepted the new member will be able to download the Magnises NOW app, which will make recommendations for restaurants,night clubs, and much more based on individual preferences.

The yearly fee is $257.55, includes entrance to the local club house for a free drink and a leisurely opportunity to mingle with other members, conduct meetings, and invitations to exclusive events.

David Osio and Davos Real Estate Group Executive Team Launch New Real Estate App

Davos Real Estate Group has in an official statement confirmed the launch of its fresh mobile app “Davos CAP Calculator”. During the launch, David Osio was accompanied by Pablo Bausili and Gerard Gonzalez, who are executive directors of Davos Real Estate Group. The new application launched to the group’s distinguished clientele aims at helping them estimate the amount they expect in return to get from their interested real estate investments.



Davos Real Estate Group (REG)



REG is one of the autonomous companies that form the Davos Financial Group, an international firm and leader for more than two decades in offering ample financial advice in the Latin American market. The group’s business objective is focused on coming up with an investment strategy that will meet the needs and expectations of every client. It combines premium products within the dogmatic framework requiring high quality services and the experience of a professional team that is licensed and specialized for every service it offers.



Design and Development of the Application



Over the past six months Executive Director Gerard Gonzalez has worked hand-in-hand with the Tecknolution company on the application’s design and development. The tool will enable potential investors calculate the return they stand to get after all the expenses are factored in. the app was developed using the latest platforms in technology and is available for both Android and iPhone devices. There will be a series of various complementary apps that are capable of identifying properties through the mobile device and forwarding historical reports on real estate to a Davos’ agent via interactive chat.



About David Osio



David J. Osio is Venezuela-based Davos Financial Group of companies’ founder and CEO. He founded it in 1993 and has been fully committed to offering financial advice to an elite faction of customers. Osio has worked towards the profitability of the company which has allowed him to position several licensed and independent companies strategically in major cities in the world like Geneva, Panama, Miami and New York.



Osio started off his illustrious career back in 1981 at OPED Enterprise as the president and CEO of the coffee export program. He then moved on to LETCO COMMERCIAL COMPANIES in an executive position that involved structuring marketing programs for a number of industrial products in the US. His stellar efforts quickly helped him rise to the highest ranks in the company.


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Refinancing Your Auto Loan With Finesse Will Leave You Smiling

When it comes to finances, there is usually some way to mitigate the detriment of a high-rate, burdening deal. Bankers are people too, and there are methods to come to a consensus that will leave both sides happy. However, you need to consult the right people. In the world of loans, regular rates are constantly changing with the ups and downs of economic factors. The bottom line is that you should not have to overpay interest. Refinancing your auto loan can lead to significant savings, especially given the compounding nature of interest. While refinancing sounds great, not everyone can perform it optimally. You want a team of experienced professionals who have your back.


If you are curious about how much you could potentially save, there are many refinancing calculators online. However, most of these useful devices will try to lead you to a service that might be subpar. If you are wondering, “How can I slash my payments?”, then there is a unique solution out there for you. Ignition Financial is a great provider of auto loan refinancing. The company employs valuable personnel with years of experience. They truly offer service with a smile.


Take Taylor Carstens, President and CEO of Ignition. He quick-started his career at Toyota, providing him with front-end automotive experience. His career also involves 10 years with People’s Trust Federal credit Union. Combining these angles of experience creates quite the dynamic, ensuring the knowledge it takes to master refinancing. Another bright spot at the company is Director of Operations, Jana Mearns. She has over 12 years of experience at banks and credit unions. She has touched every aspect of the business world, and her serious experience exemplifies the apex of proper service. She can tackle the distractions that keep businesses from performing to maximum capacity.


You auto-loan refinance is a personal matter that can end up saving you plenty of money. Why go with some faceless firm when you have trained professionals willing to work with you to slash your payments? The individual touch of Ignition Financial will serve you with a smile, leaving you assured that you are in the best of hands.