Omar Boraie Has Helped Revitalize New Brunswick

Omar Boraie is a successful developer of real estate who has a company based in New Brunswick. Over the course of his career, Omar has helped transform New Brunswick into a thriving small city. Boraie has completed a number of commercial and residential development projects that have enabled New Brunswick to prosper over the past couple of decades. His company has built lots of office buildings to help allow businesses to start up along with residential units for people to reside in the city. Along with revitalizing New Brunswick, Omar Boraie has also helped improve the communities of Newark and Atlantic City. His projects have helped make these communities into some of the most desirable places to live in the entire state.

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When Omar first began his career as a developer back in 1972, he looked to conduct a number of projects in New Brunswick. During this time he noticed that the city was full of dilapidated buildings and a community that was in decline. While this seemed like the last place to develop real estate, Omar saw an opportunity. His first project was an office building on Albany Street. This would allow numerous businesses to lease office space and conduct operations. After completing this project on, he would go on to develop a number of other office buildings that would add on to the benefits provided by the Albany Street location. As a result of these development projects, New Brunswick was on its way to becoming a top commercial attraction in the state.

Along with developing a number of office buildings in New Brunswick, Omar Boraie decided to build a number of residential buildings in order to make the city a very desirable place to live. His first residential project was a high rise condo that was identical to those in New York City. Many people in the local community believed that this project was likely to fail, but Omar regarded this as an opportunity to innovate residential real estate in the area. Similar to the commercial real estate that Boraie and his company developed, there would be even more residential buildings that would be built in the coming years. As a result, New Brunswick would have a number of high quality residential units on for people to live in. While Omar Boraie’s development projects have helped make New Brunswick into one of the most desirable communities, he credits other entities for the positive transformation.