Why Michael Hartweg is a Key Partner for Mike Baur in the SSUF

The Swiss Startup Factory is a hot topic right now in Switzerland, and it’s part of the fusion for the training of startups in the fintech industry. Mike Baur, the Co-Founder and managing partner of the SSUF is pleased with his selection of Michael Hartweg to come and join the endeavor. Hartweg was the Co-Founder of fintech giant Leonteq, where he was a derivatives specialist. Since leaving the company Hartweg has sold his stake in order to carry him through his time helping new startups to grow their businesses.


Hartweg brings tremendous experience to the table with technology, but he also has had a hand in sports and finance. Finance and technology now marry together well and bode well for the future of Hartweg and Baur as they focus on growing the SSUF. Hartweg will be most instrumental in making selections of who’s who in the SSUF as well as helping to make evaluations for these businesses that would like get the coaching they need for their startup.


There are two major topics that are important for this company, one of which is the most important and those are the startups that follow Hartweg and become a spin-off with solid growth behind them. As a mentor for the fintech industry, Hartweg can show these entrepreneurs how to lead the charge first-hand, so that he is able to network with the most experienced individuals at all times. Additionally, the focus on digital technologies is important, and it comes at a time when the interest in bitcoin has been its highest.


The acceleration programs available through SSUF are nothing less than top-notch quality and training for the willing parties. Giving these men and women access to their expertise, mentoring and coaching is important for many reasons, but most importantly because without this knowledge they wouldn’t be able to bring an idea to fruition. Over the summer, one or two businesses were grown and are most likely to come forward by the end of the year and share their stories of what happened inside the SSUF and what their plans are for the future.


With a competitive marketplace, Baur knows that he has to be on his game at all times. Baur has been working in the banking industry for more than 20 years and has chosen his partners very carefully.